I see you.

I see you.

First I will explain it again in case you don’t know. This is my half sister that for some reason thinks she’s owed RESPECT and when she thought she wasn’t getting it she manipulated my dad and then came up with a story to basically get him killed. 

Did you really not know that I was following you on Instagram? Wow.

You think that because you deactivate your Facebook that you are invisible? Lol nope.

Well it’s obvious that you don’t realize you’re an idiot. I have a hunch that you do realize you’re an evil, lying, destructive and disgusting waste of space though…otherwise you wouldn’t feel the need to surround yourself with people who are so ignorant and blind that they cannot see who you really are.

Your creep roommate doesn’t make a very convincing “Harold Smith” by the way.

Anyway so I’ve been checking out your Instagram and I’m just going to share some of your idiotic shit.

TopangaDiaz? What Kind of Stupid Name is That?


Do you mean WRONG like when you tried to get my dad killed in prison?

Yeah, you and Harold Smith are real smart aren’t you Tiffany? I love it when you keep blocking everyone to keep me out of you stuff, you’re such an idiot, if you want me out you are going to have to look a lot closer to home. The thing about people like you, that can’t be trusted, is you don’t know who to trust, do you Tiffany?

From your recent photo shoot:


doing well? eating clean? killing those workouts? She actually looks like she’s been killing a box of twinkies an hour.

Correction, killing 2 boxes of twinkies/HR....... Tiffany, You are such a POS hypocrite!

First you're a disgrace to your family, Now you're disgrace to our country too.

This is just hilarious..looks like a still from some cheesy zombie horror movie.


General WTF:

You're such an idiot Tiffany


Due to your current circumstances this it totally called for.


You think God thinks what!? I don't believe in God, but if he did exist, he'd know you're an evil lying sack of shit. Just sayin'


OMG I dropped my food because I'm a fucking clutz..now i must grab my phone and take a picture to post to imstagram because all my "friends" give a shit about my green beans.

OMG I dropped my food because I’m a fucking clutz.. Now i must take a picture to post to instagram because I’m so important that all my “friends” give a shit about my green beans.


Oops I forgot my pants


Morning Gut

okay, nice morning Gut….maybe you should go clean up your room.




Wait..I thought your memories were of horror stories and sexual abuse..OH YEAH, that’s all BULLSHIT.