My Evil Ex Sister Tiffany Giordano-Colegrove

Lies, Lies and More Lies

First she tried to get me to lie, then she lied about what I said, then she lied about dad. I know this because I was there. I was always there from the very beginning. I KNOW FOR A FACT it is all a lie. So do a lot of other people. I will not stop screaming this until she makes it right.

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 My Ex Sister is Evil

On April 3, 2013 the police went to my house and arrested my dad, and then they asked me a bunch of stupid questions about my stupid sister that had tried to get me to lie about my dad and my other little brothers and sister then they basically arrested me and my brother for no reason and put us in Casa Pacifica, basically a jail. This is how the story began of how my evil ex sister Tiffany is trying to kill my dad and is ruining my life because she’s mad and she thinks she deserves respect.

Dad Should Have Drowned Her.

Dad Should Have Just Drowned Her

When I was little my mother had a very bad drug problem I don’t remember it all very well but I do remember my sister always being there and telling me she was going to be there. She sometimes wanted me and my little brother call her mom instead of Tiffany, how weird is that? Tiffany was always fighting with my mother and they would hit each other and this scared the shit out of me and she was always telling me that my mother was crazy.

My Mother and Dad finally got a divorce and I remember that was crazy but finally it was over and we all stayed with dad and my new step mom and life got better except for my evil sister. She caused so much trouble my dad had to throw her out, nobody knows why it took him so long but he just didn’t want to be a jerk. My dad is pretty tolerant and doesn’t like being a jerk. Dad should have just drowned her instead.

Pretty Good to Really Bad in 3 Days

Psycho Bitch Shows Up, Oh I love you Guys So Much… My Dad said Jeeze Tiffany, you sound weird, doesn’t she sound weird? And now wonder at all. She had an evil plan in mind.

My Evil Ex Sister Tiffany Colegrove Made False Accusations About my Dad

My Evil Ex Sister Tiffany Colegrove

After years of disappoint Tiffany finally came down from Sacramento to see me and my younger brother, every other time she showed up it was just to promise she would be back later then go out and get drunk with her friends.

Like this: She came down once but ended up being around for one day. I don’t remember exactly when this was, but it was really uneventful. she came over promising that she would make us dinner and came late and then she left after 40 minuets and never made food and went drinking with her friends. Later my Dad got on the phone with her and she went psycho on him and blamed my littlest brother and sister and my step mom for not coming back. It was just another big ass fight with Tiffany being a bitch to my dad. Happened all the time.

She said she was going to come down last thanksgiving but ended up not because I had a marching band championships competition and i wasn’t willing to give one of the most important things in my life and leave my band in the dust. She got all pissy about it and didn’t show up at all and totally blew up on everyone and blamed me. Then just a couple months after that she Skyped me, waaaay super drunk with her freak roommate there too staring and didn’t have anything much to say that I could understand at all.

Tiffany Colegrove Liar and Freaky Roomate

Tiffany the Liar + Freaky Room Mate

But This time she did come back over and took us to Magic Mountain.With her boyfriend of course. It would have been fun except she cornered me in the bathroom and tried to convince me that I should tell everyone that my dad was molesting me… I was like WTF??? No dad (or anyone else) wasn’t molesting me are you crazy?

Then she said it was okay because if I would tell she would say it too and I was like WTF Tiffany?  Are you Fucking crazy? Dad never did anything like that.

The Magic Mountain trip pretty much sucked after that because nothing was new with her, she was still fucking crazy and she spent the rest of the day making out with this asshole Matt guy. I was glad to get home wouldn’t ya know it this was April 1st…

“APRIL FOOLS your sister is still a selfish bitch” 🙁

Day 2, Nothing, No Big Surprise I guessed she got tired of us and split but I guess not. I found out later she was pouring the BS on for Grandma and Grandpa.

Day 3 The Psycho Bitch’s Bullshit Story

Tiffany Colegrove-Giordano's Big Lie liar-tiffany-colegrove-sacramento-california.jpg

Tiffany Colegrove-Giordano’s Big Lie

So I’m at my friend’s house and my phone rings and it’s my ex sister and she’s all weird like (and this is where she started up her intricate shitstorm. This bitch can come up with one hell of a lie but wait a while and I’ll get to that.)

She had asked if i remembered what we had talked about on Monday (at magic mountain) and I said yeah. She had started that conversation with “remember about 2 years ago when you told me dad touched you?” and I was like no, what are you talking about Tiffany

Then She told me that my dad had molested her. Actually I think she said  that dad had made her feel uncomfortable once and said that she was only worried about me. She said that she was saying that i wouldn’t get in trouble and she wanted me to know that if i ever needed, i could go stay with her. And I said no nothing ever happened to me.

She was being weird and I was on my way to the Mall with my friend but we got off the phone. I wish I had know how weird she was this time because everything went to shit right after this.

Tiffany was always making up lies and trying to get me to back them up especially when we were little. She did it for all kinds of things and she would get out of control psycho mad when things didn’t go her way. I pretty much just learned to ignore it just like I pretty much ignored it when she said she was coming to see up and then didn’t show up because she was too busy, or even coming all the way down here and not showing up. And she was always calling my dad and giving him a hard time and he always just said it’s just Tiffany saying all kinds of weird stuff so I didn’t even think about it. I guess too I just didn’t want to get into her lies because i knew it was all bullshit anyway so who cared.

 WTF Is Goin On In Here?

false rape charges made by tiffany colegrove

Made False Child Molesting Charges

So April 3th I had been at the mall all day. I got back at exactly 7:00 PM. There was some dude sitting on the couch, watching my little pony with one of the kids and i assumed he was a client of dads. Then a cop walked down the stairs and asked if I could speak to him. I was wondering WTF I had done wrong or if I had a friend who did but there was nothing and I was confuzzled.

the cop walked me out and he closed the door and he said “So I had heard that you had talked to Tiffany at Magic Mountain on Monday”  OH SHIT I put it together Tiffany had been on the phone with me earlier that day while she was with police. So now I knew why dad was gone and I had a pretty good idea of everything that was going wrong here.

I told him she is being ridiculous and persistent with her crazy bullshit and its all lies and I know how she lies and I know she is lying. Then after that, I put it together that Tiffany had been working on this whole thing for months maybe years. The whole fighting with my dad over stuff all the weird stuff she started doing after that.

These cop people asked me to talk to them upstairs and asked me questions about how my relationships were with each of the family members and to recall my conversation with Tiffany at magic mountain again and on and on and on after all this, they said that they were taking my brother and I to Casa Pacifica and I’m like WTF what is wrong with these idiots?

Why Are You Locking Me Up?

I was thinking this is wrong and I was crying and trying to pack up my stuff why were they taking us away from home I was crying so hard I couldn’t think anymore I was trying to tell them that they were all screwed up and how they had got it wrong but I just couldn’t. I don’t even remember what my brother was doing.

At some point I was really pissed. when we left, Jamie Spalding – On Call HSA Social Worker”  put us in a car and ran way too many red lights ( just downright horrible at operating a car) took us away from home. My brain stopped and when I got to Casa, all could do was fall asleep and hope I was just dreaming and would wake up in the real world eventually.

You Idiots, My Dad is Innocent!

tiffany colegrove ventura

Sick Bitch Tells a Sick Story

So then the real bullshit started and this social worker told me my dad was guilty for sure and would never come home, so I told this to a clinition (or whatever they were Google can’t spell it either) and they said they thought that was illegal to say that I later found out that the lady Marie Norton was an HSA Nazi and was prone to doing and saying all kinds of crazy shit I guess she was just dumb enough to buy the bullshit Tiffany was selling and figures that I am dumb enough not to know she isn’t smarter than me.

The whole picture was coming together for me of what Tiffany had done. A little while after dad let her know what a useless waste of space she had been she started getting all friendly with the family again. It wasn’t too long that she started asking dad for advice and calling him all the time again her plan was epic and it was humongous but I knew it was a plan and I know it was all a lie. Why couldn’t these idiots figure that out?

It wasn’t until I got out that I understood why they believed the bullshit, none of them were there and none of them know the rest of the story. None of them know my dad or THE TRUTH.

Even if Tiffany manages to kill our dad she didn’t win. She will never have our respect and all she will have managed was to was kill the last person that cared enough and was willing to put up with her shit.

My Step Mom Kicks Ass!

I just wanted to say this here our step mom is the best She worked 24/7 to get my brother and me out of Casa and back home where we belong with our family (well most of of our family EXCEPT FOR OUR DAD). I know why Tiffany The Liar hates our step mom so much, it’s because Our Step Mom is Everything Tiffany is Not.

Tiffany Colegrove is Full of …

Crazy Lying Bitch Did it Because She is Jealous.

Did it Because She is Jealous.

I knew that she was lying because for one I know Tiffany but what tipped it in the beginning was when she said: “Do you remember a couple of years ago when you told me dad touched you inappropriately?”  And I know damn well I NEVER said any such thing to her or anyone else because it just didn’t happen! That, plus the fact is my dad is just not like that.

It took a while for me to get more of the story (because apparently I’m too young to understand so I didn’t get copied any of it EVEN THOUGH IT IS MY LIFE THAT IS RUINED TOO!) but I can read upside down and the HSA caseworker bitch was all too willing to let me see shit shit I wasn’t supposed to see. And then it took a while to see just how big of a shitstorm Tiffany had hidden up her sleeve that day.

The whole story is as huge as it is fake. Tiffany understood at least that if you are going to lie make it a big one so she took every minute that she could have possibly been alone with dad and made up some nasty shit that happened. But she went too big because Tiffany Colegrove-Giordano or Giordano Colgrove or Topanga Canyon Diaz or whatever her name is today thinks she smarter than she really is. And that Phone call everyone is so up in arms about? LOL Anyone that has ever heard dad deal with Mom’s your’s or anyone else’s crazy shit would understand that which brings me to motive.

I remember when you called dad and he disowned you because you were screaming psycho garbage at him because he didn’t respect you and he was mad at you for for posting trash on face book where my little brother and I could just go and read it (I read it all right) and I could even hear what you were screaming at dad.

Tiffany Colegrove Stupid Lying Ho

Tiffany Colegrove

I feel so stupid right now for ever thinking you cared about anyone other than yourself. And after spending a month in jail(ish) because of you and what you did I feel really stupid for thinking you cared but I promise I will never make THAT mistake again.

What I know is True

Tiffany Colegrove My Ex Sister

Tiffany Colegrove’s Lies

Tiffany started hating our dad when he married our step mom and the reason was our step mom cared about us and she felt cheated because when she was little she didn’t have that so instead of being happy for us she hated her. And then dad started to call you on your shit because it started getting so ridiculous and he wouldn’t put up with your fits. And then when your fits got psycho he threw you out of the house.

So a little while later you move away to where nobody knows what a bullshit psycho you are and you start thinking you’re a princess but dad saw right through that and he called you on it. Do you know why he called you on it Tiffany? He did it because he loved us and he loved you enough to tell you the truth. He was always there for all of us and now she has made sure he isn’t there for any of us. So…..

HEY Tiffany.  This is what you wanted isn’t it? Now I have to protect my little brothers and sister from you.


To be updated as soon as I can get my hands on the whole police report. I only have pieces and even those are full of holes but I will go over it and discredit it point by point.