Tiffany Colegrove Sacramento, California

My Lawyer Sold Me Out

Our Lawyer Sold Us Out

HEY Mandee Sanderson! YOU SOLD US OUT based on your “beliefs” and not “your clients wishes”. Isn’t that against the rules? Just as soon as I can be sure talking about it won’t hurt me I will publish one hell of a story for you here.

Well Apparently in California it is OK for a lawyer to sell out their clients if said clients are kids.

Or so another lousy lawyer also appointed by the kangaroo court said.  Are there any good lawyers out there that disagree? Are we just being lied to some more?

We Know Things YOU DON’T KNOW

By they way Mandee Sanderson, Marie Norton HSA CFS et al…  My Step Mom knows things YOU DON’T and that is why she KNOWS and we all KNOW my dad is not guilty of what Tiffany said he did. Even my mother knows he’s not guilty and backs up my dad and I’m pretty sure she still hates him a little.

WE as in all four of us are SAFE with my Step Mom and OUR DAD who has NEVER DONE ANYTHING TO HURT US like you think he might. All of you are stupid because you think you know everything but you don’t know anything, you just believe Tiffany’s BULL CRAP STORY because that is all you have to look at.