Well 'aint this just great...

Well ‘aint this just great…

Lies and More Lies

I know for a fact that the whole thing isn’t true because I was there and I remember. No way did “this or that happen” then because I was there and I remember exactly what really happened. You said “this happened when our step mom was at work WRONG! Dad wasn’t even there because he was at her job with her. And that didn’t happen because YOU weren’t even there. Even some of the stories you told are about someone else because I read them on your MYSPACE and they were about your BF or did you forget about that?

By the way I heard you talking crazy to dad on the phone like strting almost 3 years ago at least a hundred times, everyone here knows you are just mean and crazy.

Tiffany Colegrove, Tiffany Giordano-Colegrove

 Why Do They Believe Your Crap?

Here is why, and  pretty soon they will just take people without any trial and shoot them out back like in the 3rd world  I found this on Google:

“Public hysteria regarding child molestation has changed the rules of the criminal justice system. Child physical and sexual abuse cases must be defended in an entirely different manner than the normal criminal case. In theory the constitutional rights of the defendant are still in place, however in reality those rights do not apply. The truth is: The accused is presumed to be guilty.”

False Child Sexual Abuse Allegations ILLEGAL PROCEDURE

And boy is it true especially true with Human Services Agency where this psycho keeps telling me your dad is guilty and going to be put away forever (and by the way we are sure you are abused too and need therapy so you can help us kill your dad too) I WASNT ABUSED STUPID!