Tiffany Colegrove in Sacramento, California

Biggest Liar Ever


Wanted me to lie about our dad and told my 13 year old brother he should smoke pot on this day:

Tiffany Colegrove at Magic Mountain

Tried to make me lie and told my brother to smoke pot.

Starting with  Magic Mountain. Tiffany brought me into a bathroom and no one else was in there . She asked if l remembered when asked her if “Dad ever touched her” (which l never asked) She said if he ever makes me feel uncomfortable that l can tell her. She told me I could tell and she would help me I told her this has never happened.

She wouldn’t stop her crap  but then she just went and made out with this guy Matt and then told my brother he should smoke dope and she would buy dope from him in a few years.

Tiffany Colegrove The Biggest Liar Ever Made false Rape Charges Against our Dad.


I’m so beyond irritated by people who refuse to help themself…. and expect you to feel sorry for them. Um sorry I work my ass off to feel good that I can take care of myself. That’s called CONTENTMENT. if u don’t have that you might as well shoot yourself cause you’re life will be miserable.

So are you content because you think you you got back at dad for telling you just how respectable you weren’t? All you did was destroy a whole family. You are a loser. Go shoot yourself but wait until after the trial I want to see it when you get a new one ripped.


AKA Tiffany Ann Colegrove